The Milestones and Contributors of “Twitterpolitik”

AxelAxel and I have been working on the project Twitterpolitik for more than a year now. Now that the most important paper on the project is published I would like to summarize some of the events that lead to its publication and mention the most important contributors:

  • In May 2011 Axel Bruns gave a three-day seminar for PhD students in Vienna on topic-centered publics on Twitter. As we had observed very specific practices of Austrian Twitter people involved in politics, we decided to write our seminar paper about the Austrian political Twittersphere.
  • Between July 2011 and March 2012 we collected and analyzed all the data. We asked Niko, head of the Vienna-based social media agency Super-Fi, for support of the project.
  • On March 29th we presented our results at Designforum Wien. About 300 tweeps had come, many of them part of the political Twittersphere: Journalists, politicians, PR people and citizens. A panel discussion with Armin WolfCorinna MilbornStefan Petzner and Michel Reimon featured some of the most important Austrian Twitter users. The magazine The Gap gave away their fresh issue to all the visitors. Armin Wolf was on the cover and our study was described on several pages.
  • We continued to present different results in the following months on different occasions, among them the…

# Conference for eDemocracy & Open Government, Krems (Austria)
# 57. Jahrestagung der DGPuK, Berlin
# Mediengespräche München
# European Forum Alpbach (Austria)
# Oslo and Akershus University College of Applied Sciences
# Internet Research 13.0 Conference, Manchester
# ECREA, 4th European Communication Conference, Istanbul

The Austrian public broadcaster ORF showed our networks and interviewed us for the programs ‘Kulturmontag’ and ‘Report’.


There are many people who contributed to the project Twitterpolitik. I would like to thank those people especially:

  • Axel Maireder
  • Axel Kittenberger, who is not author of the ICS-paper, but has been an important part of our team. Without his technical expertise, we would not have been able to conduct the research presented.
  • Copyediting: Joey Robinson
  • Research assistants: Kathrin Braun, Fabian Kretschmer, Maja Nizamov
  • Financial and organizational support: Super-Fi, The Gap, Social Media Ranking (Niko Alm, Stefan Niederwieser, Michael Schöner, Cornelia Stastny, Thomas Weber)
  • Method training: Axel Bruns
  • My home institution in Graz: FH Joanneum, University of Applied Sciences, Department of Journalism and PR. Especially my patient colleagues at Web Literacy Lab: Heinz Wittenbrink and Brigitte Alice Radl.