New book chapter on social data APIs

Tada! A new book chapter by Cornelius Puschmann and me is out: Social data APIs: Origin, types, issues. In the text, we discuss different aspects of APIs from the perspectives of social scientists who use APIs for data collection. We describe the origin of APIs in software development, conduct a survey of popular Web APIs by type, and discuss issues with regard to the reliability, validity and representativeness of data retrieved from APIs. We close by pointing to future developments in this area.

The chapter is available as open access – as is the whole book: “The datafied society: Studying culture through data” was edited Mirko Tobias Schäfer and Karin van Es and contains contributions from scholars, whose works I highly appreaciate. From the back cover:

The book is a collection of scholarly investigations into computer-aided methods and practices. While several contributors offer essays representing their skills, methods and exemplary research projects, others reflect on the sensibilities and competencies that scholars need to develop in order to study contemporary culture through data. Together they make a volume that will stimulate and engage humanities scholars via their perspectives on debates and reflections on the theory and practices of digital data research.

Please cite it as:

Puschmann, C., & Ausserhofer, J. (2017). Social data APIs: Origin, types, issues. In M. T. Schäfer & K. van Es (Eds.), The datafied society: Studying culture through data (pp. 147–154). Amsterdam: Amsterdam University Press. doi:10.5281/zenodo.344887