Photo by Dominik Geiger

Photo CC-BY Dominik Geiger.

▶︎ Senior communication professional and research manager
▶︎ Previously: deputy head at AUSSDA; media spokesperson at the Austrian Federal Ministry of Education; researcher at HIIG; lecturer & researcher at FH JOANNEUM
▶︎ PhD in communication from the University of Vienna; studied and worked in Vienna, Berkeley, Berlin, Brussels, Graz and Oslo.

□ Superpowers □
✓ Planning and executing projects at the intersection of communication, technology, research and/or politics
✓ Creating funding opportunities for organizations and projects
✓ Communication (strategy, crisis communication, internal/change communication, visual communication, social media, online PR, campaigning, marketing, analytics)
✓ Negotiations
✓ Public affairs
✓ Data management

□ Natural habitats □
data, technology, companies, infrastructures, public sector, higher education, research institutions, funding agencies, communication agencies, internet & social media; Vienna, Austria, Europe and nature

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