montage sauvage

Einladung & Ortswechsel


Zwei Anküdigungen in eigener Sache:

Am Freitag trete ich mit meiner Visuals-Crew montage sauvage (myspace) wieder in der Postgarage auf. Würde mich freuen, wenn ein paar von Ihnen Zeit fänden. Ich glaube, es wird ein großartiges Fest. Minimalistische, gut-tanzbare Mucke aus Köln und Marseille.

detektivausweis front

detektivausweis back

Persönlicher Detektivausweis aus dem Jahr 1992. Heute beim Aufräumen entdeckt.

Darüber hinaus steht noch ein Ortswechsel an. Das flatterhafte Freelancertum in der Heimat ruht für eine Weile. Ab kommender Woche werde ich für vier Monate in Brüssel sein. Ich absolviere dort ein Praktikum am österreichischen Kulturforum. Ich werde auch in und aus Brüssel bloggen. Zu den bisherigen Themen dieses Weblogs kommen ortsspezifische hinzu. Persönlicher wirds werden, schließlich möchte ich diesen Aufenthalt in Belgien auch für mich dokumentieren.

new rave @ kunsthaus graz

banana club
tomorrow, saturday, i am going to support my friends from etepetete with visuals. thank you miss liz* from the vj-girls for giving me the opportunity. it is always fun to make visuals together with the one and only vj-girls…
the party has the latest new rave shit from my favourite dj-trio, the etepetete-girls. be there or be square …
Club Banana Reloaded, 07.07.07, i_KU Graz (Kunsthaus Graz)

montage sauvage tonight in oslo

tonight, our vj-collective montage sauvage (myspace) is going to perform at fabrikken in oslo. since my friends came here to pick me up, this was the best opportunity to have a gig together again. we are going to be on the second floor, which is actually quite big. tobi neumann, who is the main act tomorrow comes from germany and is related to sven väth’s club cocoon. he has been producing and remixing for acts like miss kittin, chicks on speed or dj hell.

sunkissed feat. Tobi Neuman [Cocoon], Pete Herbert [Reverso 68], g -Ha & Olanskii, visuals by Montage Sauvage
Saturday 26th May
Nedregate 7, 0551 Oslo
22:30-03:30 : 120kr

ps: you can watch our newest showreel (thank you phil!) – it is actually a little bit older than a week) here. it is a recording of our gig at the springfestival.

a short update

just a short personal update for those who are interested:
# i was at the lofoten-islands last week. it was amazing. i made a lot of pictures. upload on flickr soon.
# i celebrated norway’s national holiday with some couchsurfers from all over the world. it was an amazing time.
# in less than two weeks i will leave oslo and return back to austria. my friends from montage sauvage will me pick me up with the car.
# i heard that the springseven-performance of montage sauvage was really successful. and the rest of the festival was great fun, i assume. next year i will be there for sure.
# tomorrow is my last exam.
# i am working on a new project – i hope to announce it soon. the last part of the name is “blitz”.
# and finally: i have homesake!

montage sauvage @ springseven

press picture

montage sauvage (myspace), the visual collective i belong to, is going to perform at the springseven festival. last year at springsix we had an amazing time. we made visuals at the first day of the festival alongside artist as superpitcher, the orb, jennifer cardini and the modernist.
this year we are also going to play at the first day, visualizing the music of:

    Live: Digitalism (Kitsune, Hamburg / D)
    Live: Whomadewho (Gomma, Kopenhagen / DK)
    Felix Fuchs (Electronix Gang Bang, Wien / A)
    marfloW (Electronix Gang Bang, Wien / A)
    Visuals: Montage Sauvage (Graz / A)

16th of may, dom im berg, start 22.00, til early morning.
i am not sure, if i will be able to attend to the gig, because the flight connections to austria are not too cheap at the moment. but I will see.
well, what i really wanted to say is that the new website was published today. some advertisement from the promoter’s newsletter:

springseven is online! Our new website is ready to enter!
The springseven lineup will once again prove that a festival can be cutting edge and and for mass consumption at the same time.
The hottest trends, the biggest legends, the best sets and the stars of tomorrow: see them hear them, feel them from 16th – 20th May in all springseven locations.
It is springfestival tradition bringing new and unknown acts on one stage with legends and pioneers of electronic music.