quote of the day

Computer games don’t affect kids, I mean if Pac Man affected us as kids, we’d all be running around in darkened rooms, munching pills and listening to repetitive electronic music.

(Christian Wilson, Nintendo Inc., 1989)
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melting pot: shooting for tv-report completed

during the morning five young journalists from the melting-pot-workshop went downtown to shoot some material for tv-report on urban life. the rest the of the team stayed in the european parliament. both, the ones in the parliament and the ones going on the streets, interviewed passers-by about their life in brussels.
the material is reviewed at the moment. post-production will start soon.
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good morning from the “melting pot”

pamela peeters, a metropolitan  environmental economist coming from belgium, is today’s guest lecturer in the “melting pot”. pamela is very engaged, she brings another point of view into the workshop.

yesterday’s plan of the tv-report is discussed again. the report has to be finished at half past five. a new schedule is being drawn up.
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urban discussions at the melting pot

10 people, 4 minutes, 1 report: the participants of the “melting-pot”-workshop do not have an easy task. the ten-headed-team is supposed to produce one tv-reportage together. the topic: urban life.
after some theoretical input by bart nijhof from the european urban knowledge network a big discussion starts: how is the group going to produce this tv-reportage? what is the message that should be communicated? different points of views come together. everybody has his own pictures in his or her head. should there be music or should there none? contrasts or not?
the discussion is still going, wehen gisela kallenbach from the european greens enters the room and gives more input on the topic…
[this entry is also published on the eymd-website]

next stop: sónar festival, barcelona

on wednesday i am going to fly to barcelona. together with my friend thomas k. i am going to visit the sónar festival.
i have been looking forward to this event since years now. i am really lucky that i finished my semester in oslo already at the end of may, because now i have the time to go barcelona. in the past years it was never possible to attend to the festival because i had exams at this time of the year.
the line-up of the festival is incredible, starting with an opening concert of the beasty boys on thursday and ending with a dj-set of miss kittin on sunday at 5 in the morning… between that dozens of live-acts, djs, vjs and artists. i will not get much sleep in the upcoming days…

two g8 blogs

zuender, the youth magazine of the german newspaper die zeit published a photo blog on the g8 summit in heiligendamm. most of the nearly 80 pictures came from news agencies. they show the colourful and ambiguous world of the protests against the summit. highly recommended.
another interesting site during the last days was the spree8 blog. everyone could blog with his/her ordinary mobile by writing sms or calling an answering machine. the blog was simple, effective and giving the a feeling of being very close to the event.

brussels, i come…

yeah, i just got the confirmation:

CONGRATULATIONS!!! You were selected to participate in the EUROPEAN YOUTH MEDIA DAYS in the end of this month in the European Parliament in Brussels! You will be part of this very first, unique gathering of young journalists from across the European Union, selected out of almost 2000 applications.

i need to book everything now. i am really glad and looking forward to this event.