montage sauvage tonight in oslo

tonight, our vj-collective montage sauvage (myspace) is going to perform at fabrikken in oslo. since my friends came here to pick me up, this was the best opportunity to have a gig together again. we are going to be on the second floor, which is actually quite big. tobi neumann, who is the main act tomorrow comes from germany and is related to sven väth’s club cocoon. he has been producing and remixing for acts like miss kittin, chicks on speed or dj hell.

sunkissed feat. Tobi Neuman [Cocoon], Pete Herbert [Reverso 68], g -Ha & Olanskii, visuals by Montage Sauvage
Saturday 26th May
Nedregate 7, 0551 Oslo
22:30-03:30 : 120kr

ps: you can watch our newest showreel (thank you phil!) – it is actually a little bit older than a week) here. it is a recording of our gig at the springfestival.

noisy bloodsport

“crossing the line between music and bloodsport”

justice yeldham (myspace) from australia is a very special noise-artist. not a static laptop-act, not a common dj. his only tool to produce noise is a plate glass with an attached microphone. he presses the glass against his nose, his teeth, his lips, his face. he cuts himself with the glass, he spits on it, he eats it and womits on it. the sound he produces is unique at every performance, analog noise with a native physical element.
watch one or two of his videos on myspace, you will see, what i mean.
however, i saw yeldham yesterday at blå. it was a very weird and strange experience, but i am glad that i did not miss it. at the peak of his performance the audience reacted very differently, and it was something i had never seen before. yieldham was eating the glass (his instrument), which was already full with blood. some people started to laugh (because they could not cope with it any more, i think), others made pictures or videos like mad (they went as close as possible). others (like me) just stood quietly and watched with a mixture between horror and astonishment.
and after the show yeldham just down and smoked a cigarette…

by the way: blå is one of the best venues in town. it was the first time yesterday that i went there. but why does it have another homepage, which is also kept updated?

a short update

just a short personal update for those who are interested:
# i was at the lofoten-islands last week. it was amazing. i made a lot of pictures. upload on flickr soon.
# i celebrated norway’s national holiday with some couchsurfers from all over the world. it was an amazing time.
# in less than two weeks i will leave oslo and return back to austria. my friends from montage sauvage will me pick me up with the car.
# i heard that the springseven-performance of montage sauvage was really successful. and the rest of the festival was great fun, i assume. next year i will be there for sure.
# tomorrow is my last exam.
# i am working on a new project – i hope to announce it soon. the last part of the name is “blitz”.
# and finally: i have homesake!

oslo’s sikamikanico

another music-event yesterday evening: i went to audiofly, a upcoming techhouse dj-duo from london. the set was quite predictable, but good. the location, sikamikanico (site offline), is not really convenient. the djs stood right next to the door (which was open all night). so the dancers saw people coming and leaving all the time.
sikamikanico is celebrating its 10th birthday. i heard that it used to be one of oslo’s most important clubs. well, it is probably still important, but it seems that it is going to be replaced by other clubs like the villa or pi step by step.
nevertheless, the norwegian uk-export teebee plays together with mc stirlin one of the very (!) rare drum’n’bass-gigs in oslo next saturday (28th of aprl). be there or be square.


“!!!” is not only a superfluous burst of exclamations, it is also a great band, pronounced “chk chk chk” (let your tongue click). i saw “!!!” yesterday in oslo. they played at vulkan. first they were supposed to play in a smaller location, but because of the big demand of tickets the promoter had to change the location to the vulkan-hall. it was not the best decision, the hall is not really convenient for concerts (because it so high). well, but nevertheless the concert was great. “!!!” arranged theyr gig differently to other concerts: they did not play all the songs of their new (and as far as i know only) album, they played one very long song in which they varied a lot. live at its best.
as good as “!!!” was the warm-up, the swedish band “studio“. very innovative their emphasize on visuals and geometrical forms.

exploring southern norway

old church

nightview from hotel in gjeving 1

i had a very amazing roadtrip last weekend. together with david, jessica and magda i travelled to southern norway.
check out the pictures: here are some high quality ones, here are some photos i made with my mobile.

the palace

a short summary of the trip:
start friday, 14.00, in oslo -> drammen (sights: spiralen tunnel & water reservoir) ->kongsberg (sights: kongsberg kirke, the forests & the silver mines) -> telemark canal (sights: the pictoresque lakes) -> birkeland (we spent the night at a doctor’s place; happenings: party, ghost, best breakfast in norway, woodwork, swimming in 4 degree cold water) -> kristiansand (sights: church & fortress) -> dozens of small villages with hundreds of white houses, unfortunately i don’t remember their names -> gjeving (awesome hotel for reasonable price) -> stops in risør and kragerø -> back to oslo sunday, 21.00.

the trip can be easily done in two and a half a days. we drove 900 kilometers and spent plenty of time in most of the cities and villages. the weather was great, the lonely planet travel guide was quite helpful. song of the trip: phoenix – if i ever feel better.

i was not the only austrian on the trip, i was lucky because also arnold schwarzenegger joined us. see more photos of arnie and me here.

ps: remember, don’t go into 4 degree cold water, even if a german doctor says that it is healthy. you’ll get a terrible cold afterwoods.