exploring southern norway

old church

nightview from hotel in gjeving 1

i had a very amazing roadtrip last weekend. together with david, jessica and magda i travelled to southern norway.
check out the pictures: here are some high quality ones, here are some photos i made with my mobile.

the palace

a short summary of the trip:
start friday, 14.00, in oslo -> drammen (sights: spiralen tunnel & water reservoir) ->kongsberg (sights: kongsberg kirke, the forests & the silver mines) -> telemark canal (sights: the pictoresque lakes) -> birkeland (we spent the night at a doctor’s place; happenings: party, ghost, best breakfast in norway, woodwork, swimming in 4 degree cold water) -> kristiansand (sights: church & fortress) -> dozens of small villages with hundreds of white houses, unfortunately i don’t remember their names -> gjeving (awesome hotel for reasonable price) -> stops in risør and kragerø -> back to oslo sunday, 21.00.

the trip can be easily done in two and a half a days. we drove 900 kilometers and spent plenty of time in most of the cities and villages. the weather was great, the lonely planet travel guide was quite helpful. song of the trip: phoenix – if i ever feel better.

i was not the only austrian on the trip, i was lucky because also arnold schwarzenegger joined us. see more photos of arnie and me here.

ps: remember, don’t go into 4 degree cold water, even if a german doctor says that it is healthy. you’ll get a terrible cold afterwoods.