Another Way To Tell Stories

Jeff Jarvis provided an excellent link to a project by the British Penguin Publishers. It is called We Tell Stories. Six Authors. Six Stories. Six Weeks. The stories and the way they are told on this website are highly unusual – and I am really excited about.

The first story in the series tells a tale via Google Maps, another one uses Twitter and Blogs.

I also discovered an easter egg on the website. If you click on the rabbit at the left bottom of the page you are redirected to a blog, that might have something to do with a mysterious seventh story.

The company who created the project is called six to start and is based in London.

We create Alternate Reality Games (ARGs). ARGs use multiple media — the web, email, IM, mobile phones, radio, newspapers, TV and live events — to tell a story to hundreds of thousands of people, who can follow and influence the game in real time.
People are dividing their attention across more media than ever before. ARGs are the best way to tell a story that spans them all, and that’s what we’re experts at.

Could non-fiction stories or reports also be told like this? I truly think so. This could be an awesome concept also for news companies.

Is there anything like this in German? I would love so. I am really thinking about setting up something like this.

PS: Sorry for the long absence at this blog. If you read my tweets or – even better – my soup, you already know: I was on vacation in the United States for three and a half weeks. My English has improved (at least a bit, I hope) and this is why I have decided to write some of my blog entries in English again. Let’s see how long I will have fun with that.



einen interessanten hybrid aus radio- und foto-reportage liefert der guardian. inhaltlich geht es um die präsidentenwahl und wie es den menschen in den banlieus nach den riots vor zwei jahren geht.
das format, das für die berichterstattung gewählt wurde, finde ich höchst innovativ, verbindet es doch fotografie und radiofeature. für oe1, das seine internetberichte meist auch mit guter fotografie illustriert, wäre diese form durchaus einmal eine herausfordernde abwechslung zur “normalen” online-berichterstattung.

english summary
the guardian introduces an interesting media-hybrid consisting of radio and photography. it’s about the life of people in the suburbs of paris after the riots two years ago.