two numbers i love

it is over now. the crisis has been averted another time. i have never doubted that he would not make it, but it was close. as every time, he has saved the world in the last second.
you probably figured it out, i am writing about ‘jack bauer‘ and ‘24‘, which is my favourite tv show since years (in fact, this is not very diffycult, because i have not followed another show, since i don’t have a tv set).
i am a big fan. yes, i am aware that the plot is not too sophisticated and determines political views. and yes, i am also aware that show is full of product-placement from cisco, dell, apple and ford (you see, it works). and finally yes, i am also aware that jack bauer uses torture as a mean to gain information.
but, nevertheless, i like it a lot. the show is good entertainment, even barbara streisand is a fan. the show is thrilling and cool.
i would lie if i would say that i just like ’24’ as phenomenon of contempary popular culture. that would be too academic. maybe ’24’ is the reason why i don’t watch sport.
however, i am looking forward to january 2008, when season 7 is supposed to start. 24, the movie, comes in summer next year.